The economy in Beypazarı depends mainly upon agriculture, trade, livestock raising, industry and handcraft. In the past, Beypazarı used to be a trade center where people both living in the surrounding towns and villages and tradesman of Ankara used to come for shopping. However, it lost its popularity since Ankara became the capital city and Eskişehir road was not in use anymore and the Ankara- İstanbul route that passed through Beypazarı was replaced by Kızılcahamam direction.

An outstanding improvement has been succeeded with the recent increase in the population, development of small scale tradesman and the industry, and the recent revival and the improvement of the poultry husbandry, the vegetable growing, the beekeeping and the trade. The % 67 of the population earn their living by agriculture. They can produce more thanks to modern agriculture machines and techniques. Industry and handcraft have also become means of income.


%67 of agricultural areas is waste-land and % 13 is wetland. 2/3 of the wasteland areas are planted every year and 1/3 is rested for a year. In wetland areas are harvested twice and sometimes three times. Research has been going on in order to turn nadas into closed nadas The amount of chemical fertilizer has been in increase; 1.196.250 tones of fertilizer were used in 1992. 12 tones of agricultural medicine were used for agricultural protection. In order to develop of the villagers and to make use of the harvest effectively, 6 Agriculture Credit Cooperatives and 3 Village Development Cooperatives have been established within its borders. The most part of the agricultural farms are reserved for vegetable growing. The most grown vegetable is carrot. The production of carrot has increased sharply in the recent years due to agricultural medicine and fertilizers used under the supervision of Directorate of Agriculture; therefore Beypazarı is now a leading place for the growth of carrot in Turkey. Rice, spinach, radish and onion are the important vegetables of the town. As for fruits, the mostly produced ones are pear, apple, melon and watermelon. In Kırbaşı and surrounding villages cereal are grown; because the underground water resources are rich in the valleys of Aladağ, Kirmir, İlhan and Süveri, rice and vegetable are produced. The area of Karaşar is mountainous, it is used as a pasture for grazing animals. In the centre and surrounding villages, carrot, spinach and radish are grown.

Livestock Raising

With its villages having large pasture areas for grazing animals, Beypazarı has become an important place for livestock raising. Especially Poultry husbandry, beekeeping, raising goat of Ankara, sheep and cows have increased. Artificial insemination method is usually used in the activities for the improvement of cows. Beypazarı is known for goat of Ankara which produces high quality angora wool. In order to raise healthy generations of goats, 95 male goats are raised for breeding by the Directorate of Agriculture. In recent years, special race of milk cows are procured with the help of World Bank support and activities for increasing the number of this race have gained speed. This project has increased the milk production and dairy products.


Industry in Beypazarı is more developed compared to surrounding towns. BEYPİ (Beypazarı Agricultural Production, Industry and Trade Co.) which is among the first 500 industrial companies of Turkey in 1992 is one of the biggest companies of Beypazarı. It is still active as a fully integrated organization with its poultry studs, brood houses and slaughter houses.

This company employs hundreds of workers from Beypazarı and Bolu. Beyyem, a mixed feed factory producing 5000 tons of mixed feed a year, is still active since 1980. The slaughter house of Özhen Co. is in Beypazarı. The farm of Güngör, established in 1975 producing agricultural products, has the capacity of processing 40 tons of daily milk. Furthermore, there is a flour factor having the capacity of processing 100 tons of wheat a day. There are 2 factories of rice processing 400-600 tons of rice a year. The industry of carriage body is very famous in Turkey and in a very advanced level. In order to gather the producers of carriage body and carpenters in a common area, “The Industry Cooperative for Carpenters of Beypazarı” has started building a site in an area of 120,000 m2 for 219 facilities in 1982 and completed the construction in 1988.


6 % of the population is tradesman. Lively days of trade in the past were disappeared because the Ankara- İstanbul route that passed through Beypazarı was replaced by Kızılcahamam direction. However, the trade has stared to revive in recent years. Agricultural products produced in Beypazarı are transported to big cities, especially Ankara and Istanbul with 700 freight vehicles registered to the Association of Forwarding Firms. There are 4 companies providing the transportation between Beypazarı and Ankara city center. There are 60 taxis registered. Embroidering of silver is an important trade in Beypazarı. Embroiderers of silver have an active role in promotion and marketing of silvers of Beypazarı by attending the national and international activities and various seminars. Embroidered silvers are exported to 18 countries, including Saudi Arabia.