Hıdırlık Hill

The first destination of tourists in Beypazarı is the Hıdırlık Hill, from where you can see all the beauty of the town. You can watch from the top and see the historical mansions and the natural beauty. 

Alaattin Street

It is the most popular street in town along which many historical mansions have been restored to serve as restaurants. You can find many local products in the street market. You can shop and talk to local people at the same time.

The valley of Inözü

Rich in natural floar and cultural remains, the valley is in the north. It is an exciting view for lovers of outdoor sports. It is a narrow and steep valley, formed through corrosion of the river of Inozu.


The museum was a mansion donated to be a museum by Nurettin Karaoğuz in 1996. It is a place where many examples of cultural heritage can be observed. You can see many valuable and antique objects and important documents putting light upon the history.

Community Center

The community center, which was opened after the completion of its restoration, is used for various seminars and organizations as in the past. You should see it where the black and white photos of Beypazarı are exhibited. 

Silver Shops

Embroidered silvers are one of the important symbols of Beypazarı. The silver shops where you can find beautiful examples embroidered jewels are the point of attraction especially for women. You can find most of the silver shops in the Silver Shopping Center. There are also other silver shops in the city center.

Ovens For Beypazarı Kuru

Türkiye'de sadece Beypazarı'nda üretilen ve tazeliğini bir sene koruyan,çay saatlerinin vazgeçilmez lezzetlerinden Beypazarı Kurusu'nu; hem üretim hem satış yeri olan taş fırınlardan tadarak alabilirsiniz.


El yapımı tarhana çorbası, taş fırınlarda pişirilerek yine özel güveç kaplarında ikram edilen etli güveci, parmak kalınlığında damarsız ve ince kara üzüm yaprağına sarılan etli dolması, 80 kat ince yufkadan hazırlanan baklavası ve yöresel tatlısı olan höşmelimiyle Beypazarı Mutfağı, tarihi konaklarda sizlerle buluşturuluyor. Beypazarı'nın tamamı tescilli “Saray Mutfağı” tarzındaki bu lezzetlerini mutlaka tatmalısınız…


THE Valley of Inozu,

The valley of Inozu, located in the north of Beypazarı, has a very rich view with its natural flora and cultural remains. It is a narrow and steep valley, formed through corrosion of the river of Inozu. In the both sides of the valley, there are many caves carved in rocks which are very difficult to reach. It is impossible to visit some of the caves because they are in the eastern and western sides of the valley, which are very steep. It is thought that these caves were carved in old ages and used as residence.


These caves, for which No archeological research has been done, are separated from each through rock walls and their large windows look at the valley.  In the outer parts of the caves located in the lower parts of the valley, there are ruins of walls made of stone. It also thought that wooden products were used in these caves. There are also remains of the products used for coating the inner walls of the caves. It also thought that these caves in the sides of the valley were used as tombs and temples during Byzantine period.

According to the Law, numbered 286, on Protection of Cultural and Natural Entities, these rock tombs and temples are protected as archeological areas and gardens in the base of the valley are protected as natural areas.


Egriova Tableland 

The tableland of Egriova surrounded by forests is a very nice sightseeing place with its outstanding flora, its lake and wood houses. “Traditional Tableland Fest of Karaşar Eğriova” is held here annually. Activities such as golf, tracking, horse riding can be done here.


The river of Kirmir and the Valley of Gönen

The River of Kirmir runs through the city center with the rivers of Süveri and İlhan, and joins the River of  Sakarya with the River of İnözü. The River of Kirmir is used for aggregation and fishing. People of the regions go on picnics around the river. 


The Tableland of Tekke

10 kilometers away from Beypazarı, the tableland of Tekke is a nice area for picnics. “The traditional picnic and casserole” is held here. It is a nice excursion area for escaping from the noise of the city.